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Welcome to my Gallery
Please click on any image to enlarge it and get further information. Most images have a print or card option even when the original oil painting has been sold

The Trombone Player in Grey Hat

The Piper/Edinburgh Castle

the Whistler in orange

The Double Bass player in orange

The Accordionist (self portrait

The Fiddler (Greg Lawson)

The penny Whistle Player

the Lovers

The Squeezebox Player in Blue

The Tuning Guitarist

The Guitarist in Khaki

The Orange Flute Player

The Blue Cello Player

The Beat Boxer

The Fiddler (Nick)

The Mandolin Player

The Blue Flautist

The Hurdy Gurdy Player in Blue

The Clarsach Player with red hair

The Gypsy Band

Fiddler in Grey/Blue Hat

The Guitarist with Red Strap

Fiddler in Blue Hat


Accordion and Hurdy Gurdy

The Couple

The Accordionist (Jim Marcovitch)

The Squeezebox Player

The Trombonist

Fiddler with Hat

Border Piper 2

The Cellist in wooly jumper

Red Accordionist

The Double Bass Player-Jenny

The Melodeon Player

the band

Rick Kemp

Guitarist in Blue

Kate Rusby

Yellow Fiddler

fiddler with blue hat

Fiddler in Grey

Nigel Kennedy

Tout Squeeze

The Guitarist (Ivan Drever)

Buskers, Edinburgh Festival

Angus Grant (Shooglenifty)

The Whistler in Yellow

accordion player

Blue Bass

The Border Piper

the drummer

Fiddler Green

The Trio

The Yellow Fiddler

the blue fiddler

cross legged guitarist

Orange Fiddler

Fiddler Pink

Fiddler 3

Lilac Fiddler

The Balkan Duo

standing guitarist

the harp player

blue guitarist

Pink Guitarist

1. Edinburgh Piper

2. melodeon and fiddle

3. the guitarist in pink

4. fiddler

5. the piper

6. guitarist based on Karine Polwart

Ukulele Player in Edinburgh

19. the bodran player

7. the flute player in blue

8. Tuning Fiddler

9. the fiddler

10. Dougie Maclean

11. The Clarinet Player

12. pink fiddler

13. the duo

guitarist square

14. blue accordionist

15. The Folk Fiddler

16. the red accordion player

17. fiddler Johnny

The Whistler

18. The Double BassPlayer

the flute player

the band

the guitarist

the saxophone player

kneeling Fiddler

the Ukulele Player

Spiers and Boden

the banjo player

Maddy Prior and friends

the folk accordion player (self portrait)

folk trio in Yellow